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ohboy i have some explainin’ ta do

SO HELLO ;; heya hiya how ya doin’? yeaaaah, i know. my ass has been inactive for a bit. and i’m going to throw the most basic reason in the book for my absence.

                                              (/゚ヮ゚)/   S C H O O L !

it’s almost freaking finals here in my college. and as an art student I literally have no finals except for like…my japanese final. which I plan on failing in the most graceful manner possible. But, in place for not having academic finals I get final projects. These projects usually require lots of time and skills that I have not developed and therefore i need to make my bullshit look good.

anyway, i’m making this little post to say that i’m going on a sorta kinda semi-hiatus? like, really short. i have 2 weeks left here and then it’s summer hallelujah thank ya jeSUS

that’s about it. yep. oh, and thank I love you all of course. I hope you guys are doing well and having a fabulous Spring so far. Make sure you go outside ok? I did my homework outside the other day and I was in heavan. I connected with Blackfire on a spiritual level that day, like, I felt like I needed the sun to recharge my strength as well. maybe i’m part tamaranean who knows


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                                     “The queen of the galaxy has arrived!

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Cold Cold Freezing Freezing | Blackfire & Red X

A loose fitting crop top and washed out denim shorts was the perfect attire for California’s ninety-six degree high, especially for illegal alien immigrants who were relocating to another apartment.

The phrase “staying under the radar” was difficult for Blackfire. One wrong move could lead her to being spotted by the JLA and deported back to…well space. It was by X’hal’s grace that she managed to slip past their blind eye. Relocating to Earth and establishing herself was tough for an ex-princess and current criminal who knew only how to steal and rob and manipulate. There were those in Jump City’s underground who offered their assistance up to this point and Blackfire really did appreciate it, even though she would never voice her gratitude.

Her “human” persona was Koma Anders. According to her falsified ID she was a nineteen year old lower class citizen born and raised in California who lived in the more concerning parts of the city. Run down apartments, liquor stores, and gangs resided in this area—not really the best choice in living arrangements since the police constantly roamed the area. So, with a clip of folded large bills, Koma went up the scale just a tad.

Ocean View Apartments was decided on; A decent sized building in a decent neighborhood with an average amount of people and average neighbors. It was bland enough to stay out of anyone’s immediate attention and that was exactly what she needed. A final signature and a copy of her fake ID on file, Blackfire was set to move into room 408 on the forth floor. The uniformed movers lifted open the door of the moving truck and began to bring out her furniture. Manual labor wasn’t a problem for a Tamaranean with their abundant super strength the technically could rival Wonder Woman. Not to mention that if she moved everything herself, things would get done much faster. ‘Gotta stay under the radar’, Blackfire sighed. Using her abilities without a good cause would put her out in the open. ‘Might as well let them do what their being paid for.’

But, at the pace they were moving it would take at least another two hours until everything was upstairs. The ex-royal sighed, clearly irritated. 'This majorly blows.”

Title: Teen Titans Theme (Sung by the Titans)
Artist: Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Khary Payton & Tara Strong
Played: 26815 times

Teen Titans Theme (Sung by The Titans)
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gracie just called me a squirrel