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    “… Riiiight.”

    It probably would’ve been easier to just get up and walk inside. Ignoring her completely. But, no, he had to acknowledge her. It seemed logical. She was a dangerous criminal who had done a lot of terrible things, a powerhouse as well, not to mention ‘royalty' though she acted anything but.

                       Better to acknowledge her than ignore her and
                       thoroughly piss her off. Though, truth be told,
                       he wasn’t liking that smirk and how she was
                       now toying with his breakfast.


   ”You mind backing up a little? You’re blocking my view.” He pulls the bowl away and scoots himself a bit to the side so he can get a proper view of the sunrise in the horizon. “If you’re not here for Starfire…” He pauses to lift his spoon up and wave it back and forth. “What are you here for?”

"I was out for a morning fly and was in the neighborhood so, I decided to pay my favorite Titan a little visit."

She took a seat next to him and bat her eyelashes flirtatiously. She could feel his aloofness; trying to make her state her business so he could carry on his day. Blackfire really didn’t have a reason to be here other than boredom, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun. When was the last time she gave the Tower a visit? Far too long ago, she mused.

She reached across him, taking the underside of the bowl and tugged it toward herself while his hand kept his grip. "So, that would make me your guest wouldn’t it? Shouldn’t you cater to said guest?”



     He had initially intended to ignore Blackfire as he eats his cereal on the rooftop. But he’s long ago discovered Blackfire has the unmistakable tendency to garner his attention without even needing to say a word. His gaze continues to stare forward, cereal bowl in right hand, before he heaves out a sigh. Best to acknowledge her before she said something demeaning or tried to attack him with his guard down.

                   ”Starfire isn’t here right now so whatever it is you want will have to wait.”

"Mmm, it’s a good thing I’m not here to see her then, huh?"

She couldn’t help but giggle at his casual attitude towards her. Blackfire did count a a criminal—a very wanted intergalactic criminal—yet here she was, floating around Titans Tower, talking with the leader of the Teen Titans with plans on stealing his cereal. She flew in front of him, playfully stirring the spoon around the bowl.

"And I’m not a patient person; You know this, Robin."


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Cold Cold Freezing Freezing | Blackfire & Red X


Red X was an asshole. It was a label he didn’t deny — hell, he wore it with pride, finding a kind of petty satisfaction in others’ reactions to his abrasiveness.

Yet her harsh dismissal of the professionals she’d hired grated against him; he curled his lip against a sharp retort, realising that Blackfire had mistaken himself for one of them. He saw no point in correcting her now; it would only make this easier. The other movers hurried away, a few sparing Blackfire sour glances (though considering it smarter not to demand any tips) and many more shooting puzzled looks at the full weight of the couch resting in her deceptively slim arms.


"You’ll topple, holding that," he commented dryly as the movers filtered away. He shifted the two boxes to one arm, preparing to take one end of the couch (evidently new, the black leather pristine). Unlike the other movers, he barely reacted to the odd display of strength. "Muscle mass aside. Laws of physics."

Unfazed by her intimidation techniques, he shouldered one end of the couch and tipped his head: After you.

She made no qualms about him taking the other side of the couch. Really, she was just glad to get the other moves out of her way. Blackfire hated relying on people, especially when she could do the job ten times better and faster. The price of staying incognito, she huffed.

The other movers filed out of the building and pulled away in their now empty truck. All the boxes were upstairs and in the apartment. Blackfire started making her way up the stairs with her end of the couch while the last helper picked up the slack. They both made it to the third floor where her apartment door was wide open and waiting.

It was decent in size; A white wall apartment (which she planned on painting over anyway). One bedroom with a medium living room, bathroom with a vanity mirror, and a small kitchen. Though, most probably wouldn’t be able to tell with the boxes piled everywhere.

"Lay it down here." Blackfire let go of her side of the couch. The clip in her jean shorts held a wad of cash in which she pulled out and handed the mover a fifty and waved him off. “Your work here is done now.”


     Koriand’r pouted, weaving through those walking about. She had not yet seen Komand’r, and it was near midday. The sky was clearing and the sun was high overhead. The mumble of others shuffling around, conversing, was a soft buzz in her ears, and so she could not understand why she had not yet found her sister. She huffed, orange cheeks rounding.

     Brown hair, brown hair, red hair, brown hair, brown hair, brown hair, brown hair, blonde hair — black hair! Koriand’r clapped, joy spreading her smile wide. Her speed ruffled those heads of hair, surprised servants looking to the Princess in both concern and amusement as she flew towards her sister. The force with which she did so sent them both tumbling. The Princess giggled, arms wrapped around her older sister, head tucked away in her shoulder.  

     “Sister! Sister!” The words were loud and excited. “I found you! Where were you, sister? I missed you.”

She was in the foyer behind the palace.

Under one of the many alien trees that Tamaran hosted among it’s many jungle like foilage. She sat sighing, squinting and glaring at the harsh sun above her that would be providing many of her people the energy they needed to fly and flourish while she continued to be crippled and bitter about how unfair her birth was. She was out here because she had gotten an array of dirty looks from the servants inside, and with the constant whispering about her—degrading her because of her handicap—the princess couldn’t stand it any longer and made her away outside.

She obviously did not hide herself very will since her sister rocket into her and practically slammed them into the space rock. Blackfire groaned, sputtering rock and soil out of her mouth from the impact and glared at her red headed sister.

"Avoiding you, for one thing.” She muttered. "C’mon, get off of me, Kori—!! Ugh, look what you did! You got my dress dirty! Dad hates me enough, give him another reason to holler at me, why don’t you?"

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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

  1. A | GOT7
  2. Let It Go | Keyshia Cole ft. Missy Elliot & Lil’ Kim
  3. Note To God | Jojo
  4. All The Right Moves | One Republic
  5. Not Fair | Lily Allen
  6. Love On The Dance Floor | Alan Cutler
  7. Answer | Lizz ft. Miku Tan
  8. Shawty Get Loose | Lil’ Kim ft. Chris Brown & T-Pain
  9. If I Was The One | Stevie Hong
  10. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go | Wham!

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